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Agenda 14 Short Film Festival

Agenda 14 Short Film Festival was launched in 2011 to promote the work of young filmmakers in Sri Lanka. 

Every year Agenda 14 acknowledges the work of talented young men and women under several categories.  During the last decade this festival has grown into a fully fledged film festival awarding Best Short Film, Jury Prize, Most Gender Sensitive Film, the Sunila Abeysekera Memorial Human Rights Prize, Best Animated Short Film, Green Award for films on environmental themes and acknowledging outstanding performances, screenplays, editing and cinematography.  The festival recognizes the next generation of filmmakers by presenting the Award for the Most Promising Filmmaker to a contestant under 24 years of age.

Jaffna International Film Festival

The Jaffna International Cinema Festival is a non-partisan platform to that was created to explore contemporary forms of creative expression in cinema. The festival was launched in 2015 with the aim of celebrating independent cinema in the Jaffna peninsula which is currently recovering from a three decade long armed conflict and civil war. This initiative attempts to use art to reach people from a variety of different backrounds and create a space for communities to interact with each other through cinema as well as engage in critical discussion. JaffnaICF has become an important event in the South Asian cultural calendar and it has reached a landmark stage as the only international film festival in Sri Lanka to have held consecutive five editions. 

Colombo International Women's Film Festival

Over the past few decades, the underrepresentation of female directors in competitions at many major festivals, and the lack of gender equality in terms of access to training, funding for film production, working conditions and attitudes towards women in the film industry have been debated at many forums internationally. Recognizing the gap in the Sri Lankan industry,

Agenda 14, with a group of prominent female producers, actors and other industry professionals launched a women’s international film festival in

March 2019. At the launch of the festival, prominent women from the film fraternity and the partners took a pledge to help women break barriers to enter the male

dominated film industry.

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