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10th Annual Agenda 14 Short Film Festival

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

20-23 December 2020

Official Selection

‘The Puncher’ by Iroshan Fernando

‘A Covid Honeymoon’ by Udan Fernando

‘Two months’ by Nilmini Perera

‘It’s not a tall short thing’ by Shalini Divyanjalee

‘Weeping Angel’ by Tharindu Ramanayaka

‘Hebrew Lilith’ by Ling Chinna

Never travel alone’ by C. Thanusshan

‘The Penumbra’ by Bhawanga Hettiarachchi

‘Kaimera’ by Githen Kiruba

‘Gijulihini’ by Isuru Sandaruwan Gunathilaka

‘Kethumathu by Dinuk Ashan Shashintha

‘Asha de Vos on Studying Blue Whales’ by Irushi Tennekoon

‘Sybil Wettasinghe on Umbrella Theif’ by Irushi Tennekoon

The Empty Van’ by Thisum Nalina Jayaweera

‘Nilam’ by R. Kathir

‘Once Upon A Time’ by Viranga Pathirage

‘Wheel Chair’ by Kamila Medis

‘Once upon a time’ by Chamal Danushka Peiris

‘The Kahata’ by Yasodhara Kariyawasam

‘Urumaya’ by Lanka Bandaranayake

‘Milina’ by Harshana Abeywardhana

‘Ekthra Adara Kathawak’ by Yasodhara Kariyawasam

‘Under a dark sky’ by Rahula jayasekera

‘My father is a dog’ by Tharindu Lokuarachchi



Asoka Handagama (President)


Channa Deshapriya


Ahilan Packiyanathan


Indira Jonhklaas


Anura Silva



Green Award

Irushi Tennekoon

for ‘Asha de Vos on Studying Blue Whales’

Most Gender Sensitive film of the year


‘Hebrew Lilith’ by Ling Chinna

‘The Kahata’ by Yasodhara Kariyawasam

‘Ekthara Adara Kathawak’ by Yasodhara Kariyawasam


Hebrew Lilith by Ling Chinna


For clearly and unequivocally depicting the sexual harassment of women on public transport, the lack of options available to them to defend themselves and by being labelled as virtual she-devils when they do react, the award for the most gender-sensitive film goes to ‘Hebrew Lilith’.

Sunila Abeysekera Memorial Human Rights Award


‘Nilam’ by R. Kathir

‘It’s not a tall short thing’ by Shalini Divyanjalee

‘Gijulihini’ by Isuru Sandaruwan Gunathilake


For powerfully dealing with the targetted media-lead cruelty and victimisation of differently oriented members of the LGBTQ community, aided by a tight script and evocative performances, Human Rights Award goes to ‘Gujalihini’.


‘Gijulihini’ by Isuru Sandaruwan Gunathilake

Most Promising Filmmaker

This award is presented to the most outstanding work

by a filmmaker under 24 years of age


C. Thanushaan for ‘Never travel alone’

Best Animated Short Film

Irushi Tennekoon

for ‘Sybil Wettasinghe on Umbrella Thief ‘

Best Cinematographer

Viranga Sandeepa Pathirage

for ‘My father is a dog’

Best Editor

Sathish Rathnaraj

for ‘Ekathara Adara kathawak’

Special Jury Mention for Editing

Achalanka Dilukshan


Best Screenplay

‘Ekathara Adara kathawak’

by Deepthi Jayasinghe and Yasodhara kariyawasam

Most Outstanding Performances

Christina Britto for ‘Ekathara Adara kathawak’

Ashan Dias for ‘Ekathara Adara kathawak’

Pradeep Ramawickrama for ‘My father is a dog’

Best Film


‘Ekathara Adara kathawak’ by Yasodhara Kariyawasam

‘Thawa masa dekayi’ (Two months) by Nilmini Perera

‘Urumaya’ (inheritance) by Lanka Bandaranayake

‘Once upon a time’ by Chamal Dhanushka Peiris

‘My Father is a Dog’ by Thrindu Lokuarachchi

Jury Award

‘My father is a dog’ by Thrindu Lokuarachchi


For providing the audience with a unique cinematic experience that boasts of technical excellence and strong performances and for allowing them to interpret the dynamics of the relationship between a father and his daughter who are quarantined, thereby taking on issues that extend beyond the 'quarantined period', the jury award goes to ‘My Father is a Dog’.

Best Film

‘Ekathara Adara kathawak’ by Yasodhara Kariyawasam


For exploring the complex puzzle of the relationship between a man and a woman with near-perfect precision both in terms of content and technical expertise and for interweaving brilliant performances from the actors, the award for the Best Film goes to ‘Ekthara Adara Kathawak’


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